If a teacher is not recruited at a primary school across the state, including , the court gate knocking board has been given the suspicion of 1 Bhavnagar (message representative) on suspicion of recruiting teachers in primary. However After the approval of recruitment of teacher of gorvernment from all over the state, including establishment of Bhavnagar on 9/9/5, recruitment of Tat-2 and R-teacher was not planned against recruitment of teacher in primary school against vacant place. Knock board is set up. Has been Information about the information given to the candidate, Hardebhai Vala, is from the government’s education department. Accordingly in, the 5th year recruitment calendar has been decided on August 8th. Will the government recruit a calendar teacher or not? According to the statewide primary, including this, it has been allowed to recruit teacher recruitment in thousands of Tat-1 and 3 pass schools from Std-1 to Std-1, which has been found to be under recruitment of teachers following the education department of the government.